Read what people are saying about Hidden Clover!

"A sense of wonder - that is what Julia Heckathorn inspires in all of us with her exuberant combination of stories, photos, adventures, and facts about our natural world."

- Meg Loman, author Life in the Treetops


"When Heckathorn visits a school with one of her unusual animals, the childrens' eyes 'light up with excitement' and they become far more interested in learning about conservation"

-Times US and London, Today Show

"The Hidden Clover is the most popular book off the shelf in my classroom. Students love the rhyming rhythm and gaining facts about Kangaroo Island along the way. We collected all the information and made our own class poster about Kangaroo Island. My students were engaged because they love animals and enjoyed seeing actual pictures of the setting."

- Emily Adkins, DCPS teacher

"Hidden Clover books and events are designed to teach our children, the future generations, how to live the awesome calling to care for, protect, and nurture every living thing that moves on the earth. They combine education, fun, heart, and passion for a cause. It's a beautiful work!"

- Rae Brooks, Pastor, Bridge Community Church

"Children will love this exciting new nature series and will want to join in the effort to save exotic, rare species."

Midwest Book Review