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Hidden Clover Events FAQ

Meet the Author of Hidden Clover Children's Books

An event is Hidden Clover's way of reaching out to people to share the joy and excitement of nature! 

We are happy to work with you to tailor the contents of an event to be optimal for your group. The benefits include fun for children and adults, education about wildlife and the environment, a fresh look on reading and writing from an accomplished author, and much more!

We can set-up for small, intimate events or groups with hundreds of people or more.

Events can include interactive children's book readings, inspiring conservation talks, insight on the writing process, the chance to meet a live kangaroo or other exciting animals, author book signings, and more.

Our Events Typically Result In:

  • High Turnout: Kids and parents alike love meeting an author who has not only written, but also lived her stories for kids through adventures in exotic places. Julia talks about her meeting endangered pygmy sloths in their natural habitat in Panama and her inspiring work to save them.
  • Lots of Participation: Search for the Hidden Clover children's books aren’t just adventures, they are a fun challenge. Students just can’t resist participating in games that teach in a creative, new way.
  • Excitement for Learning: Many school students and even parents have never seen an anteater, kangaroo or sugar glider before, so when they see and pet one, it is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. They also become enthused to learn fun facts about their behavior and abilities. 
Click HERE for a list of some of our recent events.

 Hidden Clover author events.