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Meet the Author: Julia Heckathorn

Julia Heckathorn
Julia loves nature, children, and artwork which all come together in her "Search for the Hidden Clover" children's book series, educational events, and conservation projects.
Julia Heckathorn's children's book series and her rare educational animals have been featured at such places as NBC’s Today Show, People Magazine, The Washington Post, Voice of America, and The front page of the London Times. She travels the world to educate with her books, conservation stories and live animals.

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Hidden Clover

We believe that when people go looking for a small piece of nature, they discover the fascinating natural world. We invite readers to join our characters on just such expeditions through books, websites, and outreach events. Work on the Search for the Hidden Clover book series began in 2009 when author and illustrator, Julia Heckathorn, was inspired by the unscathed beauty of forest on a hike to a hidden waterfall. Julia realized that pictures alone could never sufficiently capture the true beauty and wonder of nature for young readers.

Thus, Hidden Clover seeks to deliver a perspective changing experience that involves immersion through books, websites, videos, activities, experiences with nature, and other media. Hidden Clover seeks to serve children, the community, and the world. We establish partnerships with preservation organizations to help preserve endangered species and donate a portion of revenues to these causes. Julia and her husband also strive to regularly serve in ways such as building wells for clean water in the jungles of Peru, and taking care of exotic animals for the enrichment of children who learn through the experience of meeting them.

Environmental Commitment

We realize that environmental preservation is frequently in contention with economic interests. At Hidden Clover we strive to conduct business in a way that honors our dedication to preserving the environment, recognizing that this comes at a cost. We further strive to do business with partners who have responsible stances regarding environmental matters. Finally, we seek to educate children and adults alike on activities in everyday life that can help improve and preserve the environment.

Our current conservation commitment is focused on our hands-on work on Escudo Island in Panama to save the critically endangered pygmy sloths. This work is being accomplished through education, local economic enhancement, christian ministry, and various projects to raise up awareness and environmental sustainability on the island and the nearby mainland. All proceeds from books and events go towards these projects in Panama.

About the books

Reviewers call it “Not just another book but an educational, interactive experience.” 

Julia introduces an innovative reading experience in her children's series which is designed to engage children of all ages to love reading and nature. Her books intertwine adventure, games, and facts, making the books both interactive and educational. Julia says,"I began writing these books to show children how much fun reading can be and how amazing our natural world is. My hope is to engender a genuine love for nature and thus a passion to care for it as well."
All of the proceeds from Julia Heckathorn's book sales and School Author Visits with exotic animals go to her hands-on conservation work to save the critically endangered Pygmy Sloths in Panama. She even wrote her 4th book, "Search for the Hidden Clover: Escudo Island" about these endangered animals, bringing the conservation world to life in a way that children can understand and relate.