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Tasmania (eBook)

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The Search for the Hidden Clover: Tasmania children's eBook continues the fun story telling format blending pictures, cartoons, rhyme, and games from the first 4 books in the Hidden Clover children’s book series. The basic premise remains that young readers engage in the now familiar task to join a boy, a girl, and a kangaroo in a search for a four-leaf clover. Author Julia Heckathorn again thrills children as they find wayward animals, learn about the beauty of Tasmania, and make some memorable new friends including Dexter the Sugar Glider.

Kids are invited to learn more about the plants and animals they encounter through short “Julia Says” facts in the children's book as well as through fun games intertwined throughout the story. The eBook thus grows with children as their learning abilities and understanding matures. As an added bonus, there are additional animal friends hiding throughout the children's book that are not revealed until the end in order to keep the experience fun time and time again. Meg Lowman, international canopy biologist and author, Life in the Treetops, remarks,

"A sense of wonder... that is what Julia Heckathorn inspires in all of us with her exuberant combination of stories, photos, adventures, and facts about our natural world."

The series continues to fulfill the Hidden Clover vision to deliver a perspective changing experience as children discover the wonders of nature. The Search for the Hidden Clover children's book series offers a wonderful opportunity for kids who love nature and for those who have not yet discovered the wonders of nature.

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