Great Holiday Gifts for a Cause!

November 06, 2014 Julia Heckathorn

CHILDREN'S BOOKS! Fun and Educational

100% of proceeds go to save the pygmy sloths and their habitat, Escudo Island in Panama! Let's save the sloths!!

Great Holiday gifts, and signed by the author when purchased here at our online store!

The Hidden Clover series makes nature come alive as young readers follow the characters' adventures around the world. Reviewers have raved that Search for the Hidden Clover books are "not just another series, but an educational, interactive experience." The books, animals, and educational events have been featured on such news outlets as the TODAY show, Times London and US, Voice of America Worldwide, and People Magazine!

Ask about our school events accompanied by our very own Daisy the sloth! info@searchforthehiddenclover.com



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