Keynote at the Mississippi Early Childhood Association Conference

October 16, 2014 Julia Heckathorn

It was with great pleasure that we were able to speak last week at Mississippi's annual Early Childhood Education Conference. It was an honor to meet so many wonderful educators hoping to make a difference in children's lives. One of my favorite moments was in a breakout session when the women in the room began telling stories of horrible memories of being in the classroom as a child. I asked that if they had such bad memories of school, why devote their adult life to being back in the classroom teaching children? The response was that they wished to make a change, and to make school a positive experience for the new generation. It was wonderful to hear. I have so much respect for educators who enjoy spending their days in the classroom day in and day out so that they can make a difference in children's lives. Thank you to all of you teachers out there making a difference for the better! 

Thank you also to MsECA for having our family and Daisy be a part of your annual conference. I hope and pray that we were able to make a difference in your lives as well! 


  • Julia

    Oct 31, 2014

    Thank you Colleen! I hope to be in MS again soon! Come to VA and meet all of the animals! We do tours, field trips, and the like. It’s so fun here! =)

  • Colleen

    Oct 21, 2014

    It was so refreshing to hear your message and meet Daisy and the Heckathorn family! We were blessed to have you in Mississippi and I hope you are able to return to us. I loved Daisy, but I want to meet ALL the animals now!

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