Marsupial Frog!

March 19, 2014 Julia Heckathorn

Many of you know of the marsupial mammals living in this incredible world- the kangaroo, koala, wombat, opossum, tasmanian devil….but did you know about the marsupial amphibian of Central America? It is the Horned Marsupial Frog, whose large eggs are carried in a pouch on the female's back. 60-80 days later, fully formed frogs emerge from the pouch, skipping the tadpole stage altogether. 

Sadly, this nocturnal, marsupial frog is endangered, and in some parts of the wild, extinct due to habitat loss and disease. Without an ex-situ conservation plan, these frogs have little chance of surviving in their natural habitats. Thankfully, there are a number of institutions and organizations researching the problems, developing plans, and implementing them to save the species. 


Gastrotheca cornuta, Horned Marsupial Frog, showing eggs, Ron Gagliardo, Courtesy Atlanta  Botanical Garden

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