Sugar Gliders!

February 04, 2014 Julia Heckathorn

Have you seen a Sugar Glider before?

Below is a picture of our breeding Sugar Glider pair, Crunchie and Dexter.

These two were our very first educational animals. Their soft fur and sweet personalities has made them exceedingly lovable, and they each harbor huge personalities. Crunchie gives birth every 6 months to either 1 or 2 joeys, and she is very protective towards her babes. She spends most of her time with her little ones until they get to be 8 weeks and have to leave their mother's nest. Dexter is an active boy, who will do anything for a little bit of food. But once he finds a warm spot to cuddle into, he's happily fast asleep. 

Sugar Gliders are marsupials native to Australia, where they live in the trees, gliding from tree to tree as they move through the forest. Much like a flying squirrel, they jump from one tree to the next by stretching out their parachute-like membrane to help them glide. Their sharp nails help them to grab onto the tree without falling. They are fascinating animals!

Ask Hidden Clover about bringing Sugar Gliders to your school!! info@searchforthehiddenclover.com 

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