Hidden Clover Team Begins Pygmy Sloth Conservation

February 20, 2012 Julia Heckathorn

In December the Hidden Clover team traveled to a small island in Panama to begin efforts to save the Three-Toed Pygmy Sloth species. There are less than 300 Pygmy Sloths left and they are found only on Isla Escudo de Veraguas. The team focused on observing the Pygmy Sloths, learning about their habitat, and identifying the challenges in their preservation.

The team was able to observe 23 Pygmy Sloths in their habitat, the Red Mangroves found on the coast of the island. Pygmy Sloths, as well as the island itself, are being endangered by human presence that is resulting in pollution and deforestation. The team was also able to observe many of the other animals and environments on the island ranging from Golden Collared Manakins to Basilisk Lizards to Escudo Hummingbirds to Boa Constrictors and other animals.

The Hidden Clover team is assembling a vision for the island and saving the sloths in conjunction with other conservation groups. The team is planning the next steps to address the current challenges with education, signage, policy enforcement that they hope to help with further this year. Hidden Clover will continue to donate a portion of Search for the Hidden Clover book revenues to saving the Pygmy Sloth species. Individuals can contribute through donations to Hidden Clover partner, the Tree Foundation at http://treefoundation.org/wp/sloths/.

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